Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

too cold to swim ----- Not in Bismarck in November

Here are the Polar Bear triplets swimming in North Dakota when it is 28 degrees outside. They sure had fun at the pool and the water slide was a big hit. see picture below. Here is the picture below with JOY coming down the waterslide. It was NOT a passive waterslide. It shot water down the slide with force that increased your natural flow down. It was enjoyed by all but Sister Johnson who, after her water slide experience at "Sisters" did not venture on another slide.
Kimo enjoyed the pool very much even though he aparently forgot his swim suit. the motel was a HIT!!!!


The Heather and Kimo and Joy and Lilly Wilson arrived Saturday about 3:30 and we have have fun and been on the go ever since. Here we are with the usual Eagle Picture by the WORLD FAMOUS BISMARCK EAGLE. This was after we had walked the Mall together and did some multiferious shopping and still needed a few minutes before the Missionaries would be arriving for lunch at Ground Round. The weather has been beautiful. Notice and Sunny Day and no Coats. Here is JOY in Bismarck in about1950s, a miracle of time travel thanks to Museum magic in Bismarck. We had a ball in this most marvelous of all museums and all for free. ( except for the dinasour eggs we bought for them to eat.)
Here is an example of how really big those old beasts can get. They discovered the entire leg of this baby and then painted the rest of it on the wall so you can compare yourself to it in real size and space. They have in this museum a one of a kind Mummified dinasour. Where the actual SKIN has been preserved through some natural mummification process so they could actual study the outside layer of a dinasour.

Here we are near the end of a busy day in our missionary apartment even with an official Missionary Picture of Jesus on our wall.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Space Aliens again go our family as Alicia and Giulio were sucked into their ship and were forced to eat the best Bar-B-Que around. Martian Munchies, animal ribs, potatoes NOT from Idaho, and then we had to go to Mr. Delicious and have some cheese cake to round out the day -- or is that round US out today. Halloween is always a scarey time... but here we have two unknown missioanries who wandered around a week before Halloween at the YSA Activity in full disguise. The dollar store rules around Halloween time.

Jumping Missionaries are a common sight when you visit Salem Sue. The 40 ton Holstein Cow in New Salem. We took Alicia and Giulio there but failed to get a picture of them jumping to touch her belly. One of the Missionaries is not like the other ones. Can you guess which one was not able to jump up and touch her tummy?

Sturgis was calm and quiet when we visited her on Monday Oct.27th We still got into some stores and gathered a few G rated shirts and such. Then on to Mount Rushmore and the giant faces of democracy and freedom thereon. That is a marvelous place and Spirit of history is felt strongly. (except when a young boy pulls the fire alarm and it blares for 20 minutes until the rangers decide the protocol to turn it off.

Well that is about enough for a while. It is Sunday Morning and we are getting ready to head off for our hour+ drive to Fort Yates. The Weather is friendly and the rodes should be clear and nice. Weather is about 39 and rising.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Saturday October 4th was a Royal Feast of that which perisheth not, yea our souls did delight in Fatness of the Word of God and Spirit of the Holy Ghost did fill us and give us energy and strength. What a Joy to know that the Creator of the Universe remembers and loves the people on this Third Planet, and as a loving Father he loves and directs His Children still today.
I wish I had to time to elaborate and share with those I love. But the Mission calls and I must obey.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We took the Missionaries to Space aliens restaurant in Bismarck and had great good, and good times , and lasting pictures. If my kids come a visit we will take them here too. Aliens are really pretty good and they love to serve mankind. Here is their sign. Notice the each eye has two pupils..all the better to see you with my dear.
The table may look like an early spread, but it is filled with alien delicacies like Martian Munchies which we always get for an appetizer and sometimes for a main dish. We can end up with the Galatic Sunday which the entire table can sample and eat for an ice cream delight.

As you can see that earthlings are very welcome here. They serve earthlings here with boiled and baked. They are good. As long as it is not an earthling we know.
Here we are after our Alien feed. OUR STOMACK ARE PRECEEDING US OUT THE DOOR BY 5 MINUTES. These are the misionaries in our district, The other older couple are the Shipleys from Rexburg. the Missioanry between elder and sister Shipley is Elder Christiansen and he went on a long journeytwo days after we took this picture... Either to Space or to home (I can't remember). We are happy serving and being served here in the Bismarck North Dakota District.

To day is our preparation day and I thought I would add an entry to our blog. so there you have it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

falling into fall in North Dakota

Fall in North Dakota has come already... Sept 21. These pictures are on our trip for our Sunday Assignment -- which we rejoice in and love -- in Fort Yates Branch. Last Sunday there were 18 people there including Sister Johnson and myself and President and Sister Frakes (the Stake President) and the Pres.Laundreaux, the Branch President). The beautiful trees turning, the rolls of prarie grass each weighing I have been told 700-1,000 lbs. These are stacked along the roadways and in the fields uncovered for years some golden brown (this years patch) and some darker brown (last years not yet needed) and some almost black (food storage not yet needed) from years of plenty of the past. Not quite sure how much good they will be in the future years. Rolls of prarie grass as far as one can see if some fields heading toward Fort Yates.
This Indian house -- Tee Pee was about 1/4 miles off the road coming off of the Standing Rock Reservation. Your can see the flap a flapping in the wind on this windy day Sept. 21st the first day of Fall. 2008
Karen taught Primary today....actually teaching primary in the Fort Yates Branch means she was the music leaders and pianist, sharing time presentor, teacher and assistant teacher all rolled up in one person. She was it in total. She and 10 kids in Primary. A day to remember. The Fort Yates Branch is fun to attend, because if you are an active member or missionary there is always things to do if you go.

I shall close happily and engaged in many good causes.